We will cut our hair at home

My hair reaches almost to my waist. I was already getting tired and I was planning to have a haircut at some point in spring or early summer. And not only to trim, but a little more – probably under the ears. 🙂 I also had a very short hairstyle a few years ago. And even then I went from long hair to very short. So I know the feeling.

merino scarf yana

Of course, hairdressers currently do not work and cannot be ordered online. 🙂 My daughter also wanted to have a haircut. She was already booked, but then the emergency situation came and it was canceled. So I thought a few days ago – what would happen if we cut our hair at home. Not at once to a short haircut, but gradually shorter and shorter. And maybe at one point, we will totally like it. 🙂

Meanwhile, our boys are waiting with their hairstyles. Elder Jonas is already making a braid at home, while our smaller son Kristof has wavy and pliable hair, so far he just needs to pass his hand across his forehead and his pike doesn’t get too much in his eyes. I cut my husband’s hair with a hair cutter. 🙂 My daughter Tamara was, of course, pleased with my idea, but what – I will be the first. She’s extremely excited about my attempt as to how it will turn out and she is pushing me to do it today or tomorrow. 🙂 But let’s slow down … there must be a good mood for me to make it.

But we opened youtube so far, and wondered if we can find a bit of “trick”, how haircut could be handled at home. I do not want it straight, rather ruffled – so I guess it could turn out quite well. 🙂 And we found a lot of videos, mainly in US and Russian, how women solve their haircut themselves in the bathroom. So why not? Sometimes we have to do something cheerful and crazy and imperfect – especially when we know that in the coming weeks and months we will be mainly at home. And occasional shopping – my husband can do it if my haircut would turn out very badly. 🙂 On the other hand, I still “mask” outside in my facemask, so it doesn’t matter too much what my hairstyle is.

Simply, in the next few days I’m going to make it and maybe it will be worht a photo. 🙂 Have a nice weekend and many sunny days.