The kids are happier :)

I don’t know how you perceive it, but it seems to me that our children are happier, more relaxed, as they haven’t been going to school for a month. I cannot say they had been sad at school before, they certainly weren’t. But there is no longer that subconscious sadness in the evenings, when they thought that the carousel would start in the morning again and they had to “show off” at school. It gradually dissipated. Of course, they already lack friends, buddies and hobbies, it’s a pity that they can’t go to the cinema, to the confectionery for ice cream or cake. But they laugh and talk more.

on the trampoline
(trampoline – always there)
on the trampoline
(our terrier is also happier that we are more at home)
in front of PC
(we see this picture many times as well)
in the yard
(hooray, the hammock managed to crack)
in the yard
in the garden
(we did also some planting)
(sometimes we are bored)

As I mentioned earlier, it’s great to have a yard – I wish everybody could have one. Have a nice weekend everyone.