„Sustainable“? „Minimalism“? „Quality“? It’s just me at the end.

I think about it … actually about many things. I confess, maybe I’m thinking too much about my business. How to move on, and why … My small warehouse is getting bigger, there are still a lot of ideas in my heart. Maybe I’m looking for a way to stand out, to be visible. How to find people who would like my knitwear. Am I looking for “connoisseurs”? 🙂 Those who appreciate home-made handicrafts, quality materials, hours spent on each project?

small storage

What would I like to let you know about myself and my activities?


I look in my thoughts for the pros I offer. Do I contribute to fair production? To a sustainable fashion? A lot has been written about those lately. Definitely to a piece made with pleasure. Am I not burdening the environment too much? Probably not. But should I think about it and write about it? About using quality, expensive material from “non-mulesed” breeding? It’s obvious, I mention it in the description of each product. About minimalism in the wardrobe that I also long for? That I’d rather buy one real sweater and wear it for 10 years than have a different one for each season, according to current fashion, and buy it for a buck? I have a lot of things like that in my closets. Cheap and maybe unnecessary, as well as nice ones from the second-hand shop. We know this… nowadays it is difficult to opt for more expensive “sustainable” brands.

So I come to the conclusion that I have to go back to the beginning and remember again my strong desire to create, for which I actually started this business. And I will continue to invent, knit, combine patterns, look for new colors, quality wool, take nice photos and offer clothes as long as it makes me happy and as long as I have new ideas.

skein and knitting
skein malabrigo
in progress

So far, fortunately, I can afford it, and that’s enough for me – because these are the reasons why I went for it. 🙂