Strange unrest until the response comes

You all may know it. You do something – whether at home or at work – and you expect a response to come. When I cook something new at home, I watch my husband and children how they like it. I hope they will like it and so I was be able to liven up their day with something new, fresh. Or I buy a new coat – um, will they like it? Or a surprised expression comes to their face? ūüôā

When I was employed, there was a response to my work and my person from the boss, colleagues, customers, business partners. Whether directly or indirectly. Sometimes more often, sometimes only occasionally. But one is better oriented and shifts faster in the right direction when the response comes – whether positive or negative.

And when you think of something and make it “your way”, you offer it to the world without knowing what the final consumer will say, there is such a strange turmoil once the package is being shipped. Waiting. I really wish they liked it. To feel that it’s really what they expected. Even better than expected or the camera could capture it. But what if not? Still, it will take me further.

Maybe the unrest will weaken over time – I’m just starting myself making things directly for those who wear it. But I’d prefer that this subconscious shake never completely disappeared. I would like to know every reasonable response.

Have a nice weekend!

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