Promising cooperation with new supplier Rosy Green

At the beginning of the year, I was planning to address a (for me) new, German wool supplier Rosy Green Wool and test their wool. I managed this only during this week. I do not know whether this can still be considered the beginning of the year  🙂   but doesn’t matter. Somehow things take longer to do than one expects…

In short, we made contact and this morning the postwoman surprised me when she handed me an envelope from Germany. When I opened it, in addition to a letter and a leaflet, I found a color sampler of four kinds of merino wools.

colours of rosy green
colours of rosy green

I already held two kinds of them (Cheeky Merino Joy and Big Merino Hug) last year, when I ordered a pair from Rosa Green while testing various waves from different manufacturers. The softness and softness is truly unique and enchanted me. 🙂

The next two kinds are:

  • 100% french Bio-Merino d’Arles and
  • mixture of 28% rare Bio Manx Loaghtan + 72% softest Bio-Merino

Merino d´Arles sheep are mainly bred in southern France. They have twisted horns and are known for their soft fur.

sheep merino darles
(photo source: rosygreenwool.com)

Manx Loaghtan sheep are said to be rare. They have 4 horns and live mainly in the UK. Their wool is soft and naturally brown.

(photo source: farmison.com)

Last year, however, I was already overwhelmed with other soft, thicker wools from Malabrigo, and I had no capacity for thinner things. Winter was coming. But now that spring and summer are coming, I thought I had to go back to these gentle wools and try to knit some new scarves, plaids, summer ponchos out of them. I just hope to make it all by summer. 🙂

Have a nice weekend and spring holidays!