Small sporty scarf ESCAPE unisex


Hand-knitted small sporty scarf from merino wool.

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Small sporty scarf ESCAPE especially for sportsmen and women, hand-knitted, made of real merino wool. This wool is nexto-to-skin-wear. Lightweight, thinner, comfortable headband is especially suitable for sports, where you usually sweat – running, hiking, biking, riding, cross-country skiing … It is almost year-round (except for the harsh winter), in summer it is also suitable for alpine hiking, especially in the early mornings and evenings. It is tested during the morning run, suitable from 6 to -2 ° C for sports and from 10 to 4 ° C for normal wear. A headband is also available from the same wool. In a note or message please give me an info, whether it will be for a lady or a gentleman.

Material: 100% merino wool from Non mulesed breed (wool producer Malabrigo, Uruguay/Peru)

Process: hand-knitted

Dimensions: width ca. 8 cm, length for ladies ca. 66/86 cm, for gentlemen ca. 72/92 cm

Weight: ca. 40 g

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