Ovin in German magazine “Bewusster Leben” (Conscious Living)

In September, I was approached by a lady from the German magazine “Bewusster Leben” (Conscious Living). This “mind-style” magazine has been dealing with topics such as sustainable fashion, slower eating, slowing down life, harmony of body and soul, ethical production, and minimalism for 20 years. It fights for these values in small steps. It appeals especially to successful women who have a strong interest in sustainable production, care for nature and the environment, care for their health, contribute to the protection of animals, try to avoid stress and relax more, slow down their lives.

So the lady asked me if I would like to publish an advertorial in the pre-Christmas edition, as I am engaged in handcrafts and use material that is certified and does not come from “mulesing” breeding (sheep are not treated with a painful procedure called “mulesing”). I have already described this problem, which mainly concerns merino sheep, in an older journal.

Since I speak German, I didn’t hesitate and went for it. And last week I found this magazine in my mailbox with my advertorial inside. 🙂 I’m looking forward to being at least a small part of this campaign, for a more conscious living.

Have a nice day!