New merino baby sets in unconventional colors

After several larger summer projects made of thin yarns, which lasted for almost an infinitely long time, I wanted to come up with something really fast and small, which grows faster and is much happier than scarves or plaids. 🙂 I was inspired by my friend who recently asked me to knit a pixie hat for her little “prince”. So I decided to offer a few things for babies in my e-shop, in unconventional colors.

merino baby set proces
merino baby set proces
merino baby set theo

I am offering:

  • a cute PIXIE hat
  • a practical scarf, which can be wrapped twice around the neck and then passed through the narrow end through the hole and possibly gently wrapped so that it does not untie the baby, but so that there is not even a large gouache as with classic scarves
  • gloves – with or without thumb
  • baby wrap
merino baby set leya
merino baby set leya

These things are knitted from soft 100% merino yarn from Malabrigo yarn in two qualities:

from yarn RIOS (superwash, it is less lumpy, it is less hairy, it is also suitable for sensitive skin) in 3 colours:

  • light turquoise
  • motley dark blue with green, lilac and turquoise areas
  • brick colour with brown, beige and orange areas

This wool is more expensive and has a slightly lower yield, which is also reflected in prices, especially the price of the wrap. I recommend washing by hand, without fabric softener, drying in a horizontal position.

merino baby set leya
merino baby set leya

On the other hand, WORSTED (also soft, slightly hairy, pleasant to the touch) is also a bit more productive. The wrap of a similar size has a much lower consumption, so it is also cheaper than the blankets from Rios. Here I have chosen one cheerful color combination so far:

  • motley pink with grey, brown and orange areas

It is also necessary to wash by hand, without fabric softener, dry in a horizontal position.

merino baby set milly
merino baby set milly

Offered in 3 sizes:

S (0 – 6 months)

M (7 – 12 months)

L (13 – 24 months)

All these things (as well as everything in my offer) are pre-washed once, because this wool is slightly stretched after the first wash. Then it does not change size and shape.

At the time when I still had small children, I did not get involved at all. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for that with three little ones … Now, as I started these things, it took me back to the days when they were still learning to walk and blabber … 🙂 Nice nostalgia.

my babies

Wishing you a nice day!


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