My New Projects

This week, I managed to complete some new developments. Originally I had completely different plans, but the circumstances and the need for the market led me to take a moment to devote myself to caps. And I am very happy because I could work with nice colored wool and come up with some fresh ideas for my own development direction.

work in progress
big, smaller and mini cap (miniature)

Small cap for 3 months old little boy from  Malabrigo Arroyo yarn. For me a new trial – Pixie shape.

Colorful cap for my friend from yarn Malabrigo Rios.

cap in progress
cap in progress

And next week I have another challenge ahead – chunky cap and gloves. Made from chunky yarn Malabrigo Rasta. It’s a challenge for me, because they will be the first gloves knitted by me.  🙂  So, let’s hope I can do it!

Have a nice weekend!

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