In harmony with human, in harmony with nature

As I started to do this little business, sometimes I got a response to knit things out of “cheap” yarn. But it doesn’t appeal to me. I think there are enough of such products on the market. I want to produce clothes which are precious. And which is more in harmony with human and nature. I do not want my business to burden our planet more with artificial waste when the time comes to change the wardrobe.


Why not artificial yarn

Today’s artificial yarns are very similar to natural yarns. I confess, sometimes I can only recognize them by smell. ­čÖé And they look very nice and good quality. But their production is burdening the environment. They do not warm as much and need to be washed more often, because they have longer odors for example from the canteen.

The natural wool properties are hidden in the sheep’s wool. As they served the sheep, they serve us similarly. They heat, thermoregulate, breathe, are antibacterial, have a longer life span and remain fashionable. Their processing does not burden the environment so much, they do not leave a plastic trace behind.

raw merino sheep fleece

Why wool from ÔÇ×non-mulesedÔÇť breed

When wool, then from non-mulesed breeding. They avoid painful procedures on the buttocks of sheep and support an alternative solution to this problem. You can read more about this problem in blot https://ovin.sk/ovin-pletie-z-vlny-z-non-mulesed-chovu/ The wools I use are made with ethical and environmental rules. Of course, all this costs more money for breeding stations, for raw wool processors, and is reflected in the price of wool.


Why gentle wool coloring

The colors used are made without any substances that could harm and irritate the skin. Most of the wool I use is even hand-dyed.

kettle dye
(example of hand-dyeing of wool, photo source: www.fiberartsy.com)

I believe that I will make at least a little contribution to the protection of nature, to improving the quality of clothing, to ethical production, to sustainable fashion. “Long live, wool wear!”

Have a nice weekend!

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