Home office, Home schooling, Home work…

So, we have completed the first week of home schooling. Being home with three teenagers is fine. I don’t have to worry if they come back alive and health from school. We spend more time together, we can talk and play more. They are not little children anymore, they can take care of themselves. But it is a change and there is more chaos. Well, it’s not such an idyll with needles and coffee.

with book

I don’t know how you can handle being at home with your children because of a declared emergency situation. But my days are pretty broken and restless. I don’t have much time to work, and when I find it, it’s hard to focus. But at least I knitted some protective face masks. 🙂

shopping without face mask
(shopping – cowl scarf instead of face mask)

Fortunately, we have a pretty big house and an even bigger garden. 🙂 I cannot imagine to live in the apartment nowadays and when people are not going out to limit social contact with other people. At least we can be in the yard, on the terrace if the weather is good. Even our dog likes it – he gets more attention when the kids are at home.

In the mornings, the kids take turns on the computer as they need to look at home schooling assignments, or upload a homework or do an online test. But it is mostly used for online games.


I cook something fast, knit a few lines or do some marketing, and the evening is quiclky there. Although we do not have to pay for school meals, larger shoppings disappear very quickly when we are five at home. 🙂 We do not know yet till when it goes like this, but I believe that in time I will get used to it, we will find a system somehow. And then I’ll miss them again. 🙂

Maybe it will be good for something. We will appreciate more freedom, health, free walking around the city, in the park … Now we just remember the skiing and walking. 🙂

on a walk
(on a walk)
on a walk
(on a walk)
after skiing
(behind the window – us skiers)

I wish you a lot of strength, patience, a lot of joy with your kids. 🙂

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