Fall in love… with skew lines?

Sometimes one falls in love with things, not just beings. I’ve fallen in love with merino wool longer time ago, that’s probably obvious. 🙂 Later also in mottled yarn. And now that I’m slowly finishing this colorful poncho, I find that I’ve used various “skew lines” in my knitwear several times this year.

poncho lana
merino cowl scarf
merino hat and gloves
merino scarf

I cannot say that I didn’t like all sorts of leaky, lace patterns. I also like them and most importantly – I usually knit them faster than a simple smooth jersey or garter stitch (maybe other knitters know it too). It’s probably because every line in them changes a little and this mentally drives a person forward. At least for me. 🙂 For example a plaid …

merino plaid

On the other hand, I really like simple things. And smooth patterns are precious for me. But sometimes I feel like inserting something that would make the piece more interesting. Many times I just start making those “lines” somewhere, and yet I don’t even know how they will continue. During knitting, I decide how to go next and what to do with them when they touch each other or come to the edge. 🙂

merino poncho
merino poncho
merino poncho

And with this last piece, which I’m just finishing, it occurred to me that I had used it several times in various accessories. They will probably be part of many of my other creations. 🙂

merino poncho

Have a nice day!


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