Are you running? Biking? Merino accessories SPRING-SUMMER-AUTUMN (not only) for SPORTSMEN.

Dear friends, As I announced earlier, the offer of ovin will gradually specialize in another direction, namely especially sports accessories made of special merino wool.

Although Merino also has excellent properties for normal wear (warmth, softness), it provides the biggest plus for athletes, mainly due to one special property. Unlike yarns made of cotton, sheep wool or acrylic, we do not feel cold in merino wool for so long when we sweat. I’m not saying that you don’t sweat in merino wear. But merino wool absorbs moisture up to 30% of its volume, which is easier to heat in it. In addition, it does not smell even after prolonged wear. Just let it dry freely.

Although I read these facts from the Internet, I also wanted to see for myself how it really is. I tested these new supplements during several weeks a day during my morning run. And I deliberately kept them on my head and neck even after coming home in the heat, when I usually start sweating even more. After a while, I found out that my head and neck weren’t really as cold as under a cotton T-shirt. It works. 🙂

So far in this spring phase I offer a thinner headband, suitable for sports approx. from 6 to -2 ° C (for normal wear approx. from 10 to 4 ° C) and a small thin scarf that you can wrap one and a half to two times around your neck, insert the thin end into a hole and tie a knot. This scarf is practical for sports, it fits under a tight sports jacket and is less demanding on the consumption of wool and production time than a classic neckerchief (which is also reflected in the price). These accessories will be appreciated by alpine tourists even in summer, when the temperatures in the mountains drop in the morning and evening.

sport merino headband and scarf
merino sport headband
merino sport headband
sport merino headband and scarf
sport merino headband and scarf

All these accessories are hand-knitted from high-quality 100% merino yarn RIOS from Malabrigo Yarn (Peru / Uruguay), they can also be worn directly on the body (next-to-skin-wear). Malabrigo uses wool exclusively from Non-Mulesed breeding and in except from black and white they are hand-dyed. So far, I have chosen 10 color shades (women’s, men’s – according to taste):

RUNNER collection (sports colors):

– Bright pink

– Light yellow-green

– Light turquoise

– Dark blue-grey

– Turquoise-Lila motley (with turquoise, blue, grey, green lila areas)

sport merino headband and scarf

ESCAPE Collection (nature colours):

– Light green

– Brick colour

– Green-brown motley (with green, brown and blue areas)

– Lila-green motley (with lila, claret, green, brown, yellow areas)

– Beige-grey motley (with beige, black, brown, grey areas)

sport merino headband and scarf

The whole project was supposed to come a little earlier, but development, testing, production, photography took me a bit more time and the start of sales was postponed to March. 🙂

knitted yarn

In the next phase – at the end of the summer – I plan to add to my gallery fingerless gloves, insulated headbands and hats for sports in harsh winter and for such darings.  🙂

sport merino hat
(I did not need to force him, he likes cold water)

I wish you lots of fun with sports and good health! Angelika

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