And what are you going to knit for summer?

Some friends asked me still in winter what am I going to knit for summer?

Yes, knitted clothes and accessories are mostly related to autumn, winter. But there are also yarns that are not warm, or are thermally insulating and comfortable to wear. For example, cotton, linen, thin merino, or mixtures thereof. And when I use a pattern full of holes, they are light and airy and people like it. So, I’m starting to think about summer already. ­čÖé

For example, there is a new cheerful summer scarf GRETKA for little girls from 1 year made of pure Egyptian cotton. It can be tied to the head or neck.

sdarf gretka
scarf gretka variants

The yellow, light, women’s SUNNY plaid made of thin merino is unfinished, I’m already looking forward to finishing it.

unfinished plaid sunny

And there is still a hill of summer yarn waiting for me.

summer yarn

Have a beautiful sunny day!