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My name is Angelika Lalikova. I am a happy wife and a happy mom, living in a small but beautiful country Slovakia – in heart of Europe. Loving hiking, nature, dog-walking and of course knitting. 🙂 Making some nice and comfortable wear which could serve you well, make you feel cozy, warm and good. Till lately I worked in administration of several plants and after long years I decided to returnk to my old hobby – to hand-knitting. Especially I like to knit scarves, ponchos, shawls, wraps and I wwant to make them for you as well. I already fully apply to this small business. I am very thankful for my husband’s help and support of my whole family to kick-off this project. 🙂

dog walk

At first I focused on standard sheep wool. But I realized soon that most of this wool are itching, especially in the neck area. I’ve got sensitive skin from childhood, so we can say that I am quite strict in checking of the wool’s softness. Then I’ve done more research (survey) in the world of wool and I decided to try special, more expensive MERINO wool. After many trials with several merino wool producers I found just some few producers which are convenient also for sensitive skin. And my searching is still ongoing.


The clothes by ovin are original, so you will hard likely meet someone along the street in exactly the same wear.

I combine standard patterns into unique clothes. Some of the colorful yarns which I choose to use are hand-dyed.

colorful merino yarn
my colorful skeins

You can find here products made only of natural virgin yarn, read more about its advantages under ABOUT MERINO AND KNITTING

sheep fleece
sheep fleece

I design the clothes so that they are not only chic, but also functional (if possible). For example, cowl scarves by ovin are “tight” – at the bottom they are wider, in the upper part they are narrower. By this the scarf does not gap away from the neck too much and the coldness does not get directly to your skin. However, they are very comfortable to wear because of elasticity of the used pattern.

cowl scarf is tight and elastic

The “PonchoWRAP” by ovin is the next example of practicality. You may get wrapped by it and enjoy cozy moments on the sofa. It warms you up, but you also may put out your hands through 2 openings and comfortably hold a book, or your mug, or watch your mobile with almost no limitations. And if you do not need to get warmed-up, you may use it as a sofa spread whereas the openings are almost invisible.

ponchowrap with openings for hands
merino wrap cover

Mostly I knit clothes which are ONE SIZE. By this ovin may help those who are searching for a nice gift but do not know the exact size of the presented.


I personally guarantee:

  • Usage of new and quality material. The origin, composition, characteristics and quality of the used material, which are guaranteed by the yarn producer, are in line with the information stated in my e-shop under products. Some characteristics of the used yarn like warmth, scentless, were verified also by me personally.
  • Production mode is in line with the information stated in my e-shop under products: hand-knitting.
  • Delivery of new, unused products only.
  • Usage of own combinations of standard patterns and shapes.
  • Dimensions and weights stated in my e-shop under products are informative only. The real dimensions and weights may vary because of manual fabrication.
  • Even if I do my best to show you the colours of my products as realistic as possible, it may happen that the real colour shades vary a little from the shown in my e-shop. This is a fact which is given by the settings of the display, camera and by the mode of yarn colouring. The yarn producers warn of small colour shade variations for the particular skeins of the hand-dyed (kettle-dyed) yarns. Therefore some larger clothing made of more than one skein of hand-dyed yarn may contain colour differences. This is not a reason for a product claim. But if the bought clothes does not match your image (idea) of the bought product, you may return it back without any reason for free until 14 days from our delivery and the full amount will be refunded. For more information about the return of the products and the detailed guarantee conditions please read our GENERAL CONDITIONS. If the used yarn is hand-dyed you can find this information in my e-shop under that certain product.
precise work

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