A trio of summer plaids made of pure merino wool

In recent weeks, I have focused on the development and final production of three new knitted plaids.

plaid work in progress
plaid work in progress
(knitting and home schooling)
plaid work in progress
plaid work in progress
plaid work in progress

And now I’m looking forward to introducing you this original trio, suitable for summer mornings and evenings:

SUNNY   (smaller with dimensions: height ca. 30 cm, width ca. 176 cm)

merino plaid sunny

OLIVKA   (bigger with dimensions: height ca. 36 cm, width ca. 210 cm)

merino plaid olivka

MERLOTKA   (bigger with dimensions: height ca. 35 cm, width ca. 202 cm)

merino plaid merlotka

They fit to dresses, skirts, but also for jeans. They are “summer”, but they can be worn all year round. In autumn and winter like a big scarf under a coat.

They are made of fine, first-class, pure merino yarn from the German manufacturer Atelier Zitron (Olivka, Merlotka) and from the Italian Lana Grossa (Sunny). This time I wanted to cheer up the plaids with ruffles. Two of them have ruffles of a different shade, Merlotka has only a fine edging with a different color.

I believe that women can beautify an outfit, warm up when it cools down and thus make the summer evening more pleasant. 🙂

three plaids
(plaids: Merlotka, Sunny and Olivka)

Have a beautiful weekend!