A little story

Recently, facebook reminded me of this photo about 10 years ago. And I was pleasantly surprised, so I decided to share this little story with you.

You may already know from my previous posts that our three children (actually teenagers today) are very close to each other. There is a three-year and eight-day age difference between the oldest and the youngest. I write it because, long ago, when they were little, it was difficult for us to just go comfortably somewhere in a small trip. Each of them had some kind of problem and wanted something else. Usually it was a bit of a match when we were supposed to go somewhere. One is hungry, the other wants to pee… You certainly know that too. 🙂

And so we went to dog sleds in January. My friend was still competing at such races at that time, so she told me if we wanted to go with the kids. Of course we wanted, and especially our children – we will see beautiful dogs, there will certainly be a good atmosphere, much snow and fun. So we decided to go there.

The drive to the mountains took about an hour. When we found a free parking space, we found out that we could only pay for the entrance fee in cash. Sure… it could have occurred to us and we could stop at the ATM. But it didn’t. We only had a card with us, so we ran down to the nearest town. It was only 12 km away, so no tragedy. Meanwhile, the daughter was already grumbling because she was starving, the son fell asleep, and the smallest was impatient from the “long” journey and did not want to sit in his seat anymore. Of course, we all couldn’t wait to see the beautiful snow dogs. We equipped the ATM and our son was still sleeping on the way back.

We have found a parking place again. Unbind the kids and punch them out in the big snow and frost. As we approached the gentleman with the petals, the son who slept on the way looked very strange at me. There was mainly sadness in that view. “I pissed…” aaa, not now. 🙂 Although we had no spare clothes with us, such accidents happened only at night when he was sleeping.

So we “loaded” them back into the car and went home. The gentleman who gave the parking instructions and saw us leaving again looked strangely at us. 🙂 By the time we got home, all three of them fell asleep (it rarely happened that all of them slept at once). Instead of dogs I took a picture of them and we looked at the dogs at home on the web.

Have a nice snowy weekend!